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How amazon.com became the largest distributor in the world

Amazon started as an online book seller. With time it developed to cover almost all items. The store is among the largest distributor in the world. There is no category of items you cannot find on amazon nowadays. You will find electronics, eBooks, CDs, kitchen ware, apparels, adult toys, children toys among other items. There are items which make the store among the best distributor in the world. For example, it covers all parts of the world; it has different varieties of products among other aspects.


The company distributes different types of products

In order to become the largest distributor in the world, the store should have large customer base. The company sells different types of products. This makes it easy to have different types of customers. This leads to its growth. People can buy all their products from the platform.

Products are shipped to different parts of the world

The company has put strategies in place to ensure it delivers products to different parts of the world. This has made it grow over the years due to great customer satisfaction. Remember when one customer is fully satisfied, he will refer the rest. The products are also offered at attractive rates hence it attracts more people.

Amazon.com Explained

Great marketing strategies

Amazon uses different marketing strategies including affiliate marketing. This makes it very easy for many people to know about the services and products which they offer. This has made the distributor grow over the years. The platform is also very easy to use. They have put user experience at the forefront in their design. It is easy to locate items in different categories. This makes it easy for customers to prefer it over others. Most products sold on amazon are genuine products. This makes people develop trust in the platform hence leading to its growth.